HRM Executive Team

Meet our highly experienced former senior special operations and law enforcement executives with over 60 years of worldwide experience conducting dynamic security programs in all parts of the world.

Andy Holmes

Andy brings nearly two decades of protective operations experience working in both the private sector and for the US government.  He is a former combat veteran with the US Army, a Protective Services Specialist with the US State Department, and Executive Protection Specialist in both the United States and Mexico. READ MORE

Kenn Rivers
Director of Surveillance

Kenn brings more than 30 years of experience to HRM. As a retired Special Forces Operator, Kenn also has experience in Military Police Operations, Intelligence Acquisition Specialist, Anti-terrorist training, Special Weapons & Tactics, Protective Security Detail and Investigative experience in both the Private Sector and the US Army. READ MORE

Mary Prang
Director of Global Sports and Major Events

Mary has 9+ years of experience in program leadership in the National Security, Intellectual Property Protection, Strategic Engagement, Recruitment, Government Liaison, Internal Investigations, Compliance and Media Affairs as an FBI Special Agent. READ MORE

 Mike Megeath 
 Director of International Security

Mike is a retired Diplomatic Security Service supervisory special agent. He is an expert in overseas security program management, large facility security assessments, executive protection, counter-terrorism intel analysis, foreign surveillance and counter-surveillance operations, high-threat event security, personnel recovery, and host-country diplomatic liaison with police and military senior leadership.  ​READ MORE

Richard Podkowski
Security Consultant

Richard is a former global corporate security professional with a Fortune 100 consumer products company, the Altria Group, Inc., he has the skills and expertise to safeguard corporate enterprise and brands. He is experienced in physical security systems and facilities security operations, asset and consumer brand protection, supply chain security, investigations, and business continuity. READ MORE

Steve Albritton 
Security Consultant

Steve is an experienced Global protection strategist focusing on high-end travel and event management, professional development, security team development, recruitment, training and operations. ​READ MORE

Mike Canaan 

Michael J. Canaan, CPP, CFLC, is our expert in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Mike is a Board-Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant and Board Certified in Security Management. ​READ MORE

Eitan Livne  

Eitan is an intelligence and Middle East expert with 20 years of experience working across public and private sectors.  He started his career as a linguist and analyst in the Israeli Intelligence Corps elite technological intelligence Unit 8200. ​READ MORE


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