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Advanced Protective Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations

We provide full spectrum physical surveillance utilizing unconventional strategies, methods, and techniques to maintain the safety of our clients, monitor individual movements, and identify and warn of potential threats. Our methodology is a culmination of real-world experience from the special operations community. We integrate surveillance tradecraft in protective operations designed to discreetly observe potential subjects, avert embarrassing situations, or to prevent criminal and terrorist activity. Through the use of specialized equipment, we perform extremely effective and efficient covert physical surveillance. We are the premier surveillance provider in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Covert surveillance operations

  • Progressive foot and vehicular techniques 

  • Pre-planning and qualitative analysis

  • Technological surveillance

  • In-depth subject analysis (OSINT)

  • Thorough reporting, video, and still pictures

  • Advanced photographic tradecraft

  • Assessing vehicle and foot vulnerabilities

  • Counter-surveillance methods and procedures

  • Pre-operational surveillance techniques

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