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Security Consulting Services


Mitigating Risk and Overcoming Threats is what we do!

We provide domestic and international security services… HRM’s consulting solutions are personalized to meet the clients’ individual needs, requirements and business goals. We employ only highly experienced former senior military special operations and law enforcement executives with over 60 years of worldwide experience conducting dynamic security programs in all parts of the world. 


Our highly trained security teams use creative standard and non-standard tactics and techniques to deliver overt and covert security solutions that augment your established security practices. Our teams collaborate across multiple disciplines, bring real world experience and drawing on industry best practices to meet or exceed our client’s unique objectives to ensure successful outcomes. By performing one of our Threat vulnerability Assessments (TVA’s) provides our team with unique insights which allow us to reduce numerous and potential risk factors to ensure the highest safety for our clients in order to design exceptional security solutions.

Our unique range of Security Services includes:

  • Hostile Termination Process/Procedures

  • Key Personnel Interviews

  • Protective Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Measures

  • Executive & VIP Protective Services

  • Secure Transport of High Value Assets

  • Secure Driver

  • Exercise Creation & Management – Training Scenarios 

  • Variety of Security Assessments

  • Bug Sweeps - TSCM Counter Surveillance Measures

  • Due Diligence & Locate Individuals

  • Safe Room & Secure Spaces Strategies & Security Measures

  • Event Security Management

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Red Team Testing & Quality Assurance

  • DoD Consultant Services – Role Players – Security Advisors

  • Facility & Residential Assessments

  • Existing Policies & Procedures & Physical Security Operations

  • Data Center Physical Security Assessments

  • Cybersecurity & Threat Analysis

  • Technical Surveillance/Counter-measures - TSCM

  • Physical Security Compliance Audits

  • Physical Security Penetration Testing

  • Security Systems – Installation of video cameras, sensors, alarms, CCTV, monitoring etc.

  • Personnel Screening Protocols

  • Perimeter Security: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design considerations

  • Armed & Unarmed Guard Force Deployment

Training & Support Services

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