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Advanced Protective Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations

We provide full spectrum physical surveillance utilizing unconventional strategies, methods, and techniques to maintain the safety of our clients, monitor individual movements, and identify and warn of potential threats. Our methodology is a culmination of real-world experience from the special operations community. We integrate surveillance trade-craft in protective operations designed to discreetly observe potential subjects, avert embarrassing situations, or to prevent criminal and terrorist activity. Through the use of specialized equipment, we perform extremely effective and efficient covert physical surveillance. We are the premier surveillance provider in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Covert surveillance operations

  • Progressive foot and vehicular techniques 

  • Pre-planning and qualitative analysis

  • Technological surveillance

  • In-depth subject analysis (OSINT)

  • Thorough reporting, video, and still pictures

  • Advanced photographic tradecraft

  • Assessing vehicle and foot vulnerabilities

  • Counter-surveillance methods and procedures

  • Pre-operational surveillance techniques


Executive Protection Services

HRM uses protective principles honed by the US Secret Service and the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service used to protect world leaders and dignitaries across the globe.  We protect business executives, dignitaries, high profile individuals and their families as well as those at risk of assault, kidnapping or other threats.  We specialize in discrete and covert protection of our Clients including protecting them from embarrassment and brand reputation.


  • Covert Protection

  • Special Events

  • Secure Driver

  • Counter Surveillance Teams

  • Executive Protection

  • Residential Vulnerability Assessments

  • Protective Surveillance


Event Protective Surveillance and Security 

HRM uses covert protective specialists that blend into the event as an attendee or member of the event staff. We use tradecraft techniques to disguise our surveillance agents to go unnoticed at the event. Our surveillance agents are trained to observe, report, and act when necessary to mitigate a serious incident or operational risk.  We also provide both plain clothes EMT’s and off-duty members of law enforcement to augment the surveillance team.


  • Protective Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance Teams

  • Plain clothes EMT’s and law enforcement personnel

  • Event Risk Management​

Domestic and International Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA) 

HRM conducts physical Threat Vulnerability Assessments for residence and commercial 

properties for high net worth families and businesses. We use the same principals used by the US Government when conducting threat, vulnerability, and risk assessments for dignitaries and at US Embassies around the globe.


  • Residential Physical Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

  • Commercial Property Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

  • Vulnerability Security Consulting Services

Physical Penetration Testing

HRM executes Physical Penetration Testing and Threat Vulnerability from a non-standard, asymmetrical approach, utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), human and physical terrain mapping and social engineering. These services can be tailored to fit each client based on their individual needs and level of perceived threat.


  • Covert infiltration

  • Onsite reconnaissance

  • Door bypass and lock picking

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) 

Our experts employ cutting-edge physical, electronic, and visual techniques used to detect and counter technical surveillance devices, technical security hazards, and related physical security deficiencies.  We regularly sweep boardrooms, conference rooms, executives’ homes, and vehicles for GPS tracking devices.  We use the following TSCM equipment: 


  • REI OSCOR TSCM Computerized RF Spectrum Analyzer

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) Receiver

  • REI ANDRE Counter Surveillance Broadband Receiver

  • REI TALON Telephone Analyzer

  • REI ORION Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)

  • REI Countermeasures Amplifier

  • NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 Wi-Fi Tester

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • B.E. Meyers Light Intensification Device

  • REI Acoustic Noise Generator (ANG)

  • Wired and Wireless IP Camera Testers

  • Extensive physical inspection tools

Hostile Terminations and Workplace Violence Prevention 

Our former senior law enforcement personnel can advise your human resources, security, and executives on the best mitigating approaches to take when dealing with a potential hostile termination.  Each person is different and may react differently to being terminated from their employment. Recent litigation and court rulings have placed the burden on the employer to provide a safe environment for their employees. The cost of placing a terminated employee under surveillance will pale in comparison to a lawsuit resulting from a workplace violence incident, or even the loss of production due to a workforce that is stressed as a result of this individual’s termination.  


  • Certified FBI Instructor for Workplace Violence Prevention company training

  • Consultation with Human Resources and Executives on Violence Mitigation

  • Covert Surveillance of Employee/Former Employee

  • Hostile Termination Trained Security Specialists

Secure Transport of Intellectual Property and Assets

We manage the movement of high value assets and intellectual property.  Whether it be high value asset, prototype technology, or merchandise we provide secure courier services with GPS tracking.  


  • Protective services for the movement of high value art

  • Movement and transport of high value jewelry and merchandise

  • Secure courier services for intellectual property and prototypes


Residential/Estate Security 

We provide residential security for an executive or high net worth family’s primary residence that is scalable and specifically tailored for that executive or family.  We can also augment physical security for special events held at the executive residence.  Our residential security services should be combined with a physical vulnerability assessment reviewing the executive’s access control, alarms, closed circuit television, protective fencing, and lighting around the residence.  Our physical vulnerability assessments can also recommend physical security equipment to add to or update the physical security of the executive’s residence. 


  • Residential Security Specialists

  • End to end project management

  • Estate employee background investigations



Secure Driver Services

We provide secure and trustworthy transportation services to special events, for a visiting executive, or high net worth individual that can be tailored to that individual client.  We not only protect our clients during transport but save our clients time, protect their private conversations, and protect their image. Our drivers are highly skilled and experienced executive protection specialists that are former law enforcement or US Military Special Operations trained in surveillance detection, emergency evacuations, and evasive driving techniques.


  • Secure executive protection drivers with specialized medical or EMT training

  • Armed Executive Protection Specialists

  • Multiple vehicles secure movement



International Security Risk Management 

Our risk and security consultants have decades of experience working for the US Government conducting security assessments and implementing security plans in both permissive and non-permissive environments for the US Department of State, US Secret Service, and US Army.  We can mitigate the risk to Fortune 500 companies by implementing security plans that have been proven around the globe for the US Government.


  • Training and implementing counter surveillance teams

  • Assessing international physical security guard forces

  • Training, consulting, and implementing international executive protection teams


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 

We provide real-time threat alerts from social media and open sources to high net-worth individuals and events.  We can provide factual risk assessment intel reports as well as scenarios of possibilities for preventative solutions.  


  • In-Depth Research and Risk Assessment

  • Investigations, Due Diligence, and Social Media Profiling

  • Social Media Monitoring and Threat Detection

  • Special Expertise in Security, Counter-Terrorism and the Middle East​

Due Diligence Investigations 

HRM is also a private investigation agency, we conduct address locates and skip traces on hard to find individuals involved in litigation.  Whether it be persons not wanting to be found that is a defendant in a lawsuit or a witness with limited address information we can search and find those attempting to avoiding being served with legal process or a difficult to find witness.


  • Address Locates

  • Witness Locates

  • Process Service

  • Witness interviews​


Legal Support Physical Surveillance 

We are the premier provider of surveillance services for the legal community in  Western Washington.  Our surveillance investigators are experts at providing covert surveillance in personal injury and family law cases.  We use the latest state of the art equipment shooting video in 4K, use of DSLR’s cameras with long range 300-500 mm telephoto zoom lenses, and low light cameras to get the best video or photos whether it be in day or low light. We conduct a pre-surveillance work-up prior to conducting any surveillance and only use multiple surveillance investigators to ensure the best results. 


  • Low light video cameras

  • State of the art covert video recording equipment

  • Foot and mobile surveillance

  • Multi-member surveillance details

Professional Sports Security Consulting & Risk Management

  • Event Security Planning & Delivery

  • Security Technology Development

  • Physical Security Consulting

  • Operational Readiness

  • Security Operations Center Development

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