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Andy Holmes, CEO


Andy brings nearly two decades of protective operations experience working in both the private sector and for the US government.  He is a former combat veteran with the US Army, a Protective Services Specialist with the US State Department, and Executive Protection Specialist in both the United States and Mexico. 


Andy is a graduate of the US Army’s Protective Services School, Special Reaction Team Course (SWAT), as well as the Anti-terrorism Program Managers Course.  As a Platoon Leader in Iraq he led protective details for dignitaries and US military general officers in combat.  He attended the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Services’ High Threat Protection courses and spent six years managing and leading protective teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.  


He is an experienced and proven veteran being the US Embassy Operation Chief for Afghanistan supervising nine protective teams including low profile operations and a quick reaction force.  He was the US Embassy Operations Chief when the US Ambassador to Afghanistan and President Karzai were attacked by insurgents and maneuvered protective teams in support of extracting the US Ambassador back to the Embassy.  He also led the US Embassy as the Operation Chief with a Vice Presidential visit to Afghan President Karzai’s Presidential Palace.  


Stateside, Andy has worked on and managed executive protection teams for some of the wealthiest billionaires in the world.  He has developed and taught executive protection courses including the Discreet Close Protection course to executive protection specialists.  He has extensive medical and driving experience both in austere and stateside settings.   Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2011, Mr. Holmes began working as an Executive Protection Specialist for high-net worth individuals and their families across the United States and Mexico. 

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