Kenn Rivers, Director of Surveillance

Kenn brings more than 30 years of experience to HRM. Kenn is experienced in Military Police Operations, Intel Analyst work, Special Weapons & Tactics, Protective Security Detail and Investigative experience in both the Private Sector and the US Army. Kenn spent 8 years as a Military Policeman, 4 of which as a Military Police Investigator, evidence custodian and worked undercover with CID. He performed EP duties for dignitaries at NATO HQ, Shape Belgium and across Europe. Kenn is a graduate of the Advanced Special Operations Techniques (ASOT) course.  


Kenn is a retired Army Green Beret with over 14 years’ experience. His previous skills made him well suited as a Special Operations Intelligence Analyst for 7 years. He is also trained in Close quarters combat and as an improvised munitions specialist. Working in liaison with the US Embassy Cambodia, Kenn provided on sight intelligence during the hostilities of Cambodia’s national coup and infrastructure break down. Kenn led the evacuation process of US personnel, NGO’s and other host nation personnel from northern Cambodia. Later, he spent several months as the tactical advisor in the Philippines during antiterrorist operations.


He is certified in counter intelligence and anti-terrorist tactics, techniques and activities, he’s lead Special Operations teams on numerous missions in over 14 countries and is a certified instructor trainer and has been a training manager at both detachment A Team level and managed the training cell for 1500 personnel at the Group level as a special operations subject matter expert. In the private sector, Kenn worked as a Criminal Intel Analyst for the Washington State Patrol & Thurston County Sheriff’s office. Performed duties as a contracted Management Analyst with DoD. Kenn has over 9 years of Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Operations with over 1740 hours of multi-mode surveillance techniques and counter surveillance training. Kenn specializes in tactical and discrete foot & vehicle surveillance.


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