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Today’s most dangerous threats are unpredictable and difficult to counter using standard corporate security measures. Holmes Risk Management is a non-traditional security, investigation, and intelligence company that uses innovative strategies and unconventional techniques to

solve your unique security needs. 


what Sets Us Apart From Others 

We employ only highly experienced former senior special operations and law enforcement executives with over 60 years of worldwide experience conducting dynamic security programs in all parts of the world.  Our highly trained security teams use creative standard and non-standard tactics and techniques to deliver overt and covert security solutions that augment your established security practices.  Our capabilities include:

  • Asymmetrical solutions for all our security services

  • State-of-the-art technology, including night vision/infrared cameras/video

  • Access to numerous open-source and closed-source intelligence analysis databases

  • International capability, including remote and austere locations

  • Comprehensive social engineering/human terrain mapping

  • All security teams trained in advanced trauma medical response

  • Diversity of personnel to blend in with any environment/demographic


services provided


We provide full spectrum physical surveillance utilizing unconventional strategies, methods, and techniques to maintain the safety of our clients, monitor individual movements, and identify and warn of potential threats. Read More


HRM uses protective principles honed by the US Secret Service and the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service used to protect world leaders and dignitaries across the globe. Read More


HRM uses covert protective specialists that blend into the event as an attendee or member of the event staff. We use tradecraft techniques to disguise our surveillance agents to go unnoticed at the event. Read More


HRM conducts physical Threat Vulnerability Assessments for residence and commercial 

properties for high net worth families and businessesRead More


HRM executes Physical Penetration Testing and Threat Vulnerability from a non-standard, asymmetrical approach, utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), human and physical terrain mapping and social engineering. Read More


Our experts employ cutting-edge physical, electronic, and visual techniques used to detect and counter technical surveillance devices, technical security hazards, and related physical security deficiencies. Read More


Our former senior law enforcement personnel can advise your human resources, security, and executives on the best mitigating approaches to take when dealing with a potential hostile termination. Read More


We manage the movement of high value assets and intellectual property.  Whether it be high value asset, prototype technology, or merchandise we provide secure courier services with GPS tracking.  ​Read More


We provide residential security for an executive or high net worth family’s primary residence that is scalable and specifically tailored for that executive or family.​ Read More


We provide secure and trustworthy transportation services to special events, for a visiting executive, or high net worth individual that can be tailored to that individual client.​ Read More

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Our risk and security consultants have decades of experience working for the US Government conducting security assessments and implementing security plans in both permissive and non-permissive environments for the US Department of State, US Secret Service, and US Army.​ Read More


We provide real-time threat alerts from social media and open sources to high net-worth individuals and events.  We can provide factual risk assessment intel reports as well as scenarios of possibilities for preventative solutions.  Read More


HRM is also a private investigation agency, we conduct address locates and skip traces on hard to find individuals involved in litigation. Read More

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We are the premier provider of surveillance services for the legal community in  Western Washington.  Our surveillance investigators are experts at providing covert surveillance in personal injury and family law cases. Read More

  • Event Security Planning & Delivery

  • Security Technology Development

  • Physical Security Consulting

  • Operational Readiness

  • Security Operations Center Development


Contact Us

649 Strander Blvd, Suite C,                    

Tukwila, WA 98188   


Contact email:

Local Office: (206) 492-5116

Corporate: (888) 871-0047                 



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